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By  johanna wattimena     3:19 PM     
saya sedang kesal sekali dengan diri sendiri:
1. for not being able to hold my emotions toward one friend, where im supposed to show love and not irritation. i will try my best to kill the bad feelings i have toward dia. and learn to love people for who they are. i will ask myself "why love" and not "why can't i love"
2. losing my pecil case. i misplaced it somewhere. i hope its somewhere i can find, either by tonight or tomorrow.
3. my packaging missing something-i-dont-know

sekarang, my heart just beats so hard, so full of irritation. it's funny how a night turned so bad just by the way i see things. bener katanya ko irwan, the only difference between what you see and what others see is the perspective. satu bisa bilang the cup is half full, and the others half empty.

mine is half empty tonight. and im too tired to change that perspective for the time being. (despite my laughter at Big Bang's new comeback parody!)

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