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By  johanna wattimena     5:16 PM     
I watched NINE the musical film a couple of minutes ago. It was so full of everything. Sex, Love, Lies, Music, Dance, Film, Art. You name em. Personally, i enjoyed the movie. Penelope Cruz's part made me shook my head in awe several times. She was so amazing doing that role. I wished that she had sung the Simple song for the movie, but it didn't make the list for some reason. It was one of the most heart shattering song from that musical, i think.

I had been curious about the movie since it came out in 2009, if im not mistaken. But i missed it on theaters, because none of my friends were interested. Now i watched it, and i was glad i didn't watch it back then. I was young and i should not fill my head constantly with things like that. Now that i made one exception from these kinds of movie, i'm all out of chances for the rest of the year. No more movies like so. Good night ladies.

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