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The Network's Mastermind and Friendship

By  johanna wattimena     12:16 PM    Labels: 
Saya baru nonton social network. it was a great movie, inspiring and cool. cuma gua sakit hati (dan sakit perut) ngeliat persahabatan yg bilang ilang begitu aja gara2 jealousy yg disimpen di hati dan akhirnya berbuah jadi a law suit. it was really stupid sih. gua sampe berkaca-kaca ngeliat si eduardo marah sama mark, cause it's like a walk-all-over-your trust kind of thing. i dont know if i was in that same place, i would be able to forgive that. i bet it wasn't even about the money, it was more about friendship. see fb was something they started together and it was true that a lot of it was mark's idea, but eduardo had been the first fire starter, you know. he's a great contributor, and blinded by jealousy and, i guess, pride, things just crashed and burned for the friendship part. ugh.

Dari awalnya sih, gua udah rada kesel sama mark. he's kind of a douche for saying all these things to mark when he got into Phoenix (is that a frat house or something?) and i thought 'this guy just don't see how great his friend is to him.' kalo gua jadi ed, gua kemungkinan udah tonjokin muka mark dari kapan2. but then again, mungkin gua cewe dan im an emotional creature.

Now i have to recover from this movie. Can you believe it? I actually cried watching it. I didn't even shed a tear for the Titanic.

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