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summer and smoothies

By  johanna wattimena     3:34 PM    Labels: 
my biological time has shifted mercilessly. i slept at 5am yesterday, up at 1. slept again at 9pm up at 11. now im wide awake. but i should be sleeping if i want to be normal tomorrow. anyway, im watching another episode of running man. dude, i can't stop laughing.

tomorrow we're gonna watch artic monkeys. by we i mean: echa+sam+i. it'll be awesome. i don't even care that i dont remember much of the lyrics. we should go there early, so we get to see the personels. anyway, i've been making smoothies almost 2 days a week now. it's been awesome. here's some of my recepie.

Best Yet #1:
Strawberry 1.5 cup
Blackberry 1 cup
2 scoops of peanut butter
1 cup of milk
5 spoons of vanilla ice cream
1 cup of ice

Best Yet #2:
Banana 1
Blackberry 1 cup
1 cup of milk
5 spoons of double fudge brownie ice cream
1 cup of ice

Ice is crucial to make your smoothie cold, and not too frothy or thick. These recipes usually makes 3 cups of smoothies. enjoy!

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