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By  johanna wattimena     4:51 PM     
Aloha! Just got back from Hawaii today at 5am (technically yesterday), a 5 day trip i made with Tam. It was filled with fun time, and great beaches. We didn't talk as much as i thought we would. I blame my lack of caffeine, or my decreasing ability to speak in english. Maybe i was confined in a too indo group in Seattle. Maybe.

Anyway, pictures skipped - maybe later once i had the time to transfer the photos, just wanna share my fave things that i got from hawaii. You think i'll be sharing stories about my trip? Wrong!

Fave things from Hawaii:
1. White Swatch Watch - with date and day. Love it Love it.
2. Sephora Travel Blush Brush - so soft. I could've gotten it in Seattle, but it's 5.3% less of tax in Waikiki. So.. i got it. I almost bought the benetint in cha-cha. but i didn't. i should've huh? zazz.
3. Hand Lotions from L'occitane. Same tax reason.

Awesome Moments in Hawaii:
1. Snorkeling - for sure!! i love it. being in the same water with the fishies both thrills and scares me a bit. explanation: it's just something i've never done before. So, cross that out of my do-before-die list. I'll definitely do it again! and again!! AND AGAIN!!!
2. Hula Lesson - tam and i love to dance. and i think we did a great job.
3. Going to the beach, playing with the waves. Next time, i'll surf, or boogie board. CANT WAIT!!

Not so Awesome things that is sharable on blog:
1. birds!! frikin birds are everywhere. they won't let me eat my food in peace! however, when we were in hanauma bay, in the rain with lotso chickens around, tam+i were dancing to kpop songs regardless. i was pretty happy that i didn't freak out in the corner.

Next Time:
1. Less shopping and malls, more beaches. So, no more waikiki.
2. Learn how to surf/boogie board
3. Get into the boat rides for sunset/sunrise/star gazing.
4. Snorkel more
5. Re-Apply sun screen.

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