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First Day of School: Senior Studio

By  johanna wattimena     10:14 AM    Labels: 
All nervousness fades as i came into a room full of friends! i mean, ya ngak deket2 amat, sedeket anak2 indo di greja. but still, we've been through things together. that counts as something special. So, small talks, picked a table by the window beside avid smokers; john and catelyn. hopefully i could breathe. i could've chosen the table by maggie, stella, rachelle, etc-etc.. but i didn't due to the distance to the nearest electrical plug (what are those things called again? colokan listrik. hahaha)

first two classes i'm not too excited abt. the teacher isn't my fave, but i should juice everything out of him nonetheless. Then comes the class i'm kinda weary about; Comparative Religions. It's going to be mind opening, and i hope i will not be misled. Philosophical and Religious classes could get pretty confusing. So.. that's the update.

There was one big thing i forgot to do, but i hope i could do it tmrw early in the morning and it would still be ok (believe!). Anyways, i'm excited to be spending the rest of the year with these kids. hopefully, i could talk like myself - neverminding the bad vocabs. hihihi.

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