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Monument to the Third International

By  *tresdivine*     4:22 PM     

Can you believe that this piece right here was supposed to be a monument to Russia like Eiffel Tower is to the French? The model is 22ft-high (that is 6-ish meters, that means 4 of me), but it wasn't engineered correctly that the idea never really came to be.

It was supposed to house 3 rooms; an assembly area, an office and an information office. The monument was to be a symbol of the possible Utopia after Lenin took over. At the time, the government was so aggressive on promoting the future of Russia through posters, art, sculptures and monuments, despite the low economic conditions in most parts of Russia.

What's cool about this monument is its aesthetic form. Geometric line that builds a staircase towards the stars. The spiral is dynamic, it is clean and avant garde. It implied movement and action (constructivism!). Imagine if the monument was really built (better engineered too). Wouldn't it look so bizarre among buildings? I would like to see that.

Question: why the sudden article about art movement, again? well, it's been long since i was interested on art history. So please, enjoy the article while i'm taking the class that inspired me to do this: Design History. :)

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