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By  johanna wattimena     3:30 PM     
I love you
I've never loved you like this
like your name is a song in my heart
a song the universe sings with

yes my eyes had seen
but my heart is still young
too young to feel with courage
too timid to say sorry when i fail

i am honored that you let me
with baby steps
walk towards you
sometimes dance
sometimes crying head down

still this heart
beats in every seconds
for your name, for your love

you had shown me mercy
through every seconds i passed yawning
blank eyes watching
the blinking screen goes technicolor

tomorrow i won't waste it
you've thawed me out
don't let the snow freeze me again
you're my source of being

I love you,
I keep you on my heart, on my lips
burn my hands with your seal
mark me yours, my ears pierced it

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An explorer driven by curiosity. This blog is one of the longest commitment she manage to keep.