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By  johanna wattimena     7:18 AM     
Apparently masih banyak yang harus dikerjain sebelum bisa masuk ke weekend. contohnya: harus buat artist statement untuk BFA show, terus bikin storyboard buat scripts, bikin characters buat animation and work on my freelance work.

wah lumayan banyak ya, on our plate. minggu depan gua juga ada ministry. ini saatnya untuk STOP being IDLE and work on things by thorough planning. i am fueling myself with soda currently. because i know i can't take coffee. warm drinks = comfortable. caffeine = unfocused. coffee = comfortably distracted. ^^

eniwei. im going to work on another thing, while waiting till 5 to go home. straight to church. god's blessings im countin! thank you ~

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