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Di Rumah Sakit..

By  johanna wattimena     12:15 PM     
Ci Ika sekarang lagi dirumah sakit..  Cervixnya udah dilate for 2cm, and she's still got 2 months to go if she wants to do a full 9 month term. Keeping her and Ko iman in my prayers. God, please keep Baby A and Baby B safe, growing and healthy in Ci Ika's womb until your best of time. I trust you Jesus.

I've been here since 5pm now. The kids are having dinner at Honey Court. But since their cars are pretty filled up, I'm waiting at the hospy until 11. Really grateful that Eilene (the nurse) didn't kick me out. We've got 45 minutes to go - ish.

Updates from le work place, I currently work at krs (nama tempat-nya gua singkat biar nga ke google for precautions). I made sure today that Rob and Randall remember that they can always delegate any kinds of work to me. I'm great at motion stuff, but if they need help with moodboarding and designing websites.. sure. Hope I don't disappoint. Again, this worrying part of me goes "eeks", but I gotta know what kind of a God that I serve and that loves me. He knows how to give good gifts, so I should learn to enjoy and give my all- no matter what the possible outcome would be.

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