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2012: Naruto Comeback

By  johanna wattimena     4:24 PM     
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Devi has succesfully bring me back into Naruto. After seven years of Hiatus, 100-something chapters, I am back on the band wagon. Now reading chapter 342, the most profound thing. Read this

Shikamaru's dad: (talking about Shougo game/ Japanese Chess) Who's the king?
Shikamaru: The unborn children who will be the village's future ninjas

We're fighting, striving and pushing for the next generation. This is our cause, the reason we always reach for the better, even if it meant sacrificing our comforts or breaking the norms. If you want to be stronger, you gotta find someone you want to protect, right? So, this sounds like the right way to go.

Fight for the kids.

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