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Heart Beats Fast

By  johanna wattimena     2:58 AM     
For the last month or so, my heart has been thumping harder than the rest of the year. Mostly due to stress and unknown territories. It is a well known fact that Johanna is a worrier. That's just my nature: to question my readiness and the safety-net of all my actions. However, to dismiss that fact had proven to only lead me into excessive eratic-ness nearing the moment of my "impending" action.

Today, thunderstruck. I've been asking the difference between serving God and serving Men. Let me explain.. At church, we're serving both. Of course, God being the first, and the latter; a result of serving the first. Still, what we do when we serve both is exactly the same. Then why do we need to make the distinction?

Well, that difference is found in your mind. When I serve God, I should have this in mind:
- The God of the universe is behind this activity, because He intentionally started this. Therefore, it is my duty to follow His directions and not to take things into my control.
- Everything about the activity is centered on God. He started the journey, he gave me the skills and talents to do the work. He even wants me to do His work.

If there's anything I'm learning today, it would be this: If God is in it, nothing is impossible. Even when it comes to cameras, set, and video crew management. God has proven his faithfulness when He brought every one I needed for February's video all at the same day. I met with the actors, secured the set, and set the scheduled all on Prayer Meeting night. It was a miracle! It usually took 1 week to find actors and set up a time that works with everyone. So, for today's shoot, I won't be afraid and I will just trust that God will provide.

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