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LA-SF-SEA family trip

By  johanna wattimena     4:12 PM     
Hi from Kabuki Hotel in SF,

No pictures here, just words describing my stay so far. You know I've been asking, waiting, wishing and praying for a break. Some time to get out of the house, out of work, routines, out of Seattle, I got it now. It's not as I planned it would be, but it's good enough to de-stress. The month has been crazy. Christmas passed like nothing happened, new years was the same way. It's just been a lot of doing, and not a lot of reflecting.

The long awaited break is going on fine. We've been spending days physically "resting." My bro is sick, he spent the day sleeping, watching tv, and playing computer game. When I was at the same state as he was today (I was in LA at the time), I was in my PJs either sleeping, drinking lotso fluids. We didn't do much in Los Angeles, just a little car ride around the city, took pictures with the Hollywood sign, went to a Lakers game, visited IFGF arcadia. Today was our first full day in SF (after spending 2 days in Napa doing family visits and house cleanings), the highlight was eating Durian Pastry at Hongkong Lounge. Gilaaaa.. must try. The thing is sweet, soft and decadent. Btw, I met Yogi outside the Dim Sum place. He didn't change much.

Gosh, there's so much to tell. Tonight we went back to Napa, helping my Grand Uncle to find his watch that my Mom mistakenly thrown away. Otw to dinner, my Uncle asked me about work, and about future-work. Stress came back to me. There's so many things I haven't done, and I really need to finish them fast. If I keep prolonging my to-do list, I'll stay in this flappin agitated zone forever. Gila ya, gua mau meledak!! Coba gua tulis apa aja yg butuh gua lakuin: selesaiin bank statement buat application rumah, application kerja di tempat baru, do my taxes. Ngak banyak, tapi karena bulan december kemaren sibuk setengah ko'it, banyak banget hal yg keteteran. MAN! baru inget lagi soal video ministry harus meeting. Side note, gua baru nonton hype-video buat Big But series. Menurut gua, sayang bgt hasilnya. There's so much tightening that could happen. Quality videonya okey, tp quality animationnya nga bagus. Well, better next time deh.

Gila ya, gua all over the place bgt. Sebenernya gua mau ceritain apa sih? nga jelas. Even banyak hal yg gua tulis disini nga ada background info-nya buat org2 bisa mengerti. ya, biarin gua aja yg ngerti post ini, yah. hahaha. Yuk mari...

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