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Just do it?!

By  johanna wattimena     6:06 PM     

I'm reading this

This rant below has nothing to do with my reading. I found the writing to be hopeful and insightful. Go Gen-Y!

Now, off to the rant. I get really frustrated with clients asking for faster production, when time is needed to achieve a great end result. Especially, when we do this after the fact that most of us has school and work to do too. The previous sentence is not an excuse, the previous sentence is a given condition. We came to the ministry knowing fully that we'd have to balance work with church (yes, i'm ranting about church stuff). We want to give our best in both, and so the later has to know how far to push before it gets out of bounds.

I wanted to keep my team sane. I wanted them to be creatively fulfilled, creatively pushed, but beyond all, creatively fresh. Pushing our limits = minimizing creativity and excellence to reach due dates. and this is NOT my philosophy. I believe, if you want to work with me and my team, you do it right. You consider our timing, you will accept that we will take our time to conceptualize (even if you think that's just day dreaming), you will know that it takes 1 hour to shoot a 1 minute clip, you will understand that it takes at least 4 meetings to come up with a decent logo, you will not settle for less because we will not settle for less.

I will say No. and I won't care what you say.


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