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You gotta know

By  johanna wattimena     2:41 PM     

There's this one step you gotta take, the scariest step of all, before moving forward. It is to look backwards, to dig deep into your heart, and see what has happened. This step is as raw as it is crucial. 

For me, it was coming to terms with my fears. To see back into my closed/hidden hole, and realize that I had to take myself out of the hole. By that I meant, letting myself be weak and raw before God. Tell Him that I'm broken, and without hope, unless it comes from the higher ups.

The rest of the night was wet with tears, and cracks of my broken parts were all over my journal. Then, healing, trust, and re-learnings comes after. Today, I am better. I could apply to jobs with easiness, because I trust in the worth that God gave me (not from my work, nor people's compliments). 

Psalm 16:8
I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

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