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Re: The Dark Side of Dubai

By  johanna wattimena     6:23 PM    Labels:, 

So, I'm currently reading a very interesting, if not heart breaking, article from UK's Independent on Dubai and it's double-realities. I found the content both alarming, and reminiscent of tragedies from ages ago. The article were broken into parts according to the people connected to the issues mentioned. Below you'll find what I think about some of those parts:

on part IV - it took years to break out of the caste system: slaves, workers, bourgeois, and the royalties. You might think that every modern societies need to overcome such situations immediately - I mean, isn't that  "slavery system" so late 18th, early 19th century industrial revolution? We're living in the 21st century, now. We gotta think of better ways to progress than that.

Oh, come on.

Pyramids were built by slaves, just the same way as european industrial revolution were the sweat of child labors and underpaid villagers. American fanciness were also built by underclass immigrants and illegal american dreamers. This is just what humans do. We always succumb to the primitive things we know best. If through the rudimentary a part of the society could be benefitted, at least it was a sacrifice "worth taking". Progress takes blood, sweat and tears, as long as its not their own.

on part V - is this the modern look of colonialism? A local face controlled by a 1st world puppeteer on the look out for their own profits? I need to do my research on this before claiming anything. But "colonialism" is a sore  subject for me.

on part VII - santai dong, nyonya.. emang susah ya, nga pernah punya pembantu sebelumnya, sampe nga tau rasanya "dibantu" tuh kaya gimana. (By now you know i'm getting furious)

I got too appalled to even go back to my blog and write another comment. Reading through all 10 parts of this article made me feel like i'm reading Brave New World, but less clinical. It's such a satire to human's vanity, and greed. Half way through, I had to fight my head from saying "This is another part of the Hunger Games," or "It's the nightmare version of Alice in Wonderland." Gah, I can't wait to see when the bubble will burst. I think it is bursting.

This little quote sums up everything:
"I think Dubai is like an oasis. It is an illusion, not real. You think you have seen water in the distance, but you get close and you only get a mouthful of sand."

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