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Alas, Indonesia

By  johanna wattimena     10:42 PM     

It's been 3 weeks since I first stepped back on the motherland. I had some time to adjust to its damp climate, reccaliberate my body clock to the hours, and regained my local speaking abilities. It felt rather comfortable here in Jakarta. My life doesn't rest on my tiny, fragile shoulders alone - rather shared among the family. I could relax a bit more out here. Let go of the constant caution or alertness I have in the 206. It's the fending for myself mentality, I guess, that wears off there. Despite the similar responsibility of getting a job, and eventually succeeding in life, I feel saver here. Or, I can feel a bigger opportunity awaits me, here. I can't tell. But it's been 3 weeks, and it's been good.

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