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Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel

By  johanna wattimena     12:22 AM    Labels:, 
Moments like these are priceless. Yes, it's not fun to get a sudden stretch in the stomach the moment I think of all the things I had to accomplish tomorrow, or a tiny gag from the short whatsapp tease I had this morning. It's priceless because I will get to look back at today and gratefully smile for all the lessons I had to painfully endure. Lessons on how to persevere through writer's block, lessons on keeping my head up, lessons on sticking to my gut, and lessons on replying to a flirtatious joke.

Tomorrow will be a new day, I know. But the acid in my stomach made me feel like it won't be all sunshine tomorrow. That, or I'm incredibly pessimistic.

I just realized, that I actually have the choice of taking the weekend off, or go a mile extra and work on sunday (then maybe lose my cool on wednesday). I'd choose the first. Yes, my sanity comes first. Here's to all the work waiting for me till January the 10th: a clink to the empty air with an imaginary wine glass.

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