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Meaningful Monday

By  johanna wattimena     11:56 PM    Labels:, 
Today I had the rare experience to quietly sit in a coffee shop, read a good book and enjoy some quality thinking time. The Visionering book given to me at Catalyst Conference was finally reaching its last chapters. I've been very cautious about reading each chapters because I do not want to get in on a "vision" based on rash judgement. But being in Jakarta made me aware of how important is leading a life purposefully, driven by a God given vision. I can say that mine is still quite on the abstract, obvious side. See, last year Rob asked me the question, and I can only come up with "I want to help people." How do I plan on doing that was still quite gray.

This year, the same question pops up around the second month of working at church. Not from anyone, but from myself. I asked if this is it. Serving at church as a job. While my mother said that I could've done so much more, I know God has a plan to prepare me for greatness through the role I'm currently in. Today as I work on an idea of a vision, I came up with "equipping young minds to be an educated, critical and conscious mindful force of improvement to the society." Sounds like a grandiose plan, but there's a ring of truth behind that line. I can't say if this is something God sent, but it's something to pray about.

Browsing through Relevant mag, I read this article: "The Active Work of Waiting on God." One memorable paragraph..

Firstly, change the way you pray. Pray humbly, but from a place of empowerment rather than lack. This is a fine line to walk, but what I mean is rather than asking God to tell you exactly what steps to take, thank Him for the wisdom He has already given you, and ask for discernment as you move forward. And then move forward in faith. This is the prayer of a child of God who is claiming their inheritance and birthright, and it is the prayer of someone who is choosing to be accountable for their actions.

It's good to be reminded that I can be actively seeking and following God's plans, even without a clear mental picture of what the end of it might look like. I'm young, I got time to experiment, energy to spend, and fire to burn. #gloriousyouth. I just have to resist being distracted by the quest of finding the "vision"when the vision is in the making right now.

Today is a good day off for my all-work brain. Tomorrow will be a day off for my tense body. Me and my parents are going to Cibodas! WOOP NATURE!!! I can't wait for fresh air and trees.

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