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Pulau Seribu

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Oh Yes! Following my Nov 5 disappointment log.. Here's a break of fresh air.

I finally got a chance to go to visit Pulau Seribu with my Gurl: Devi. I didn't pay a lot of attention to taking pictures, despite the many that was posted on Instagram (check: Tresdivine). My SLR was quite forgotten for a good chunk of Day 2 and 3. Mind you, I am not a photographer. I am a videographer. So, being left without a motion capturing device was pretty disabling for me. Sad. Nonetheless, below are some of the eye candies I get to capture and experience.

Overall the break had successfully swim tan me. Now, I got a massive black X across my back, thus my sincere farewell to strapless dress for now. Additionally a definite black forehead. Sexy stuff, I must confess. The time was spent mostly snorkeling (which was the best decision ever) and adventuring around the island; kayaking, hiking, swimming and spending time with the locals. I wish I had pics of Mas Miki, Mba Roh, Pak Guide (his real name I could never remember. Something like, Aling, or something). These people made our stay so relaxed. Especially Mas Miki, with his funny ringtones and punny jokes, his willingness to hang out with us for hours before dinner. Good times.

I came back exhausted, but refreshed. Got a new love for the tropical beaches I used to swear by. #nyandu

The Marina at Pulau Pramuka

Pulau Pramuka near our Dinner Hut 

 Pulau Karya

My kissing partner for 3 hours, everyday. Lucky guy.

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