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Which way to the mountains?

By  johanna wattimena     3:40 PM    Labels: 
Is this the beginning of a new rant? I sure hope not. But I gotta be honest with you, today didn't turn out as I expected. I got stuck in my house, no chance of going out to hike, despite it being a holiday. I can't believe I'm shedding tears over nature, over a flipping hike around a stupid tea plantation. Deep in my core I am screaming in anger, that Jakarta isn't like Seattle. That I can't have a proper quiet time in a coffee shop, or I can't walk and just zone out, or ride the bus and look out to the washington lake or the olympic peninsula.

I'm so frustrated, so pushed to the wall that I get so weak, I can't do anything about it. Going to the gym, and exercising helps with maintaining a less agitated mood. But one day I'm about to explode. I am not willing to get to that day anytime soon. God help me.

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