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A Night in Tokyo

By  johanna wattimena     11:53 PM    Labels:,, 

Early July this year, I packed my life into 2 suitcases and moved back to Jakarta. On the way home, I spent a night in Tokyo, a city I've always wanted to see. I didn't have much time, so I scheduled all the things I wanted to do, down to the minutes. But of course, that did not happen. In the midst of awe to the new topography, and the obvious language challenge, I abandoned all plans and stick to 2: Get a good ramen, and walk around Shibuya. So, I did that and some..

Note to travelling alone: Get acquainted with the language. My first sentence (and I'm quite proud about this) was "Sumimasen, information wa doko desuka?" to an elderly, kind looking lady at the Eapoto (It's Airport, show off). Then my possible third sentence was an unclear plea of "Do I just slide the tickets in for ___ station? Do I even have the right ticket?" which came out as, "Ano.. ticketo wa?" then some furious wagging of hands around the ticket counter. Despite that, I was definitely more at ease with using my broken japanese, than when I first got to the States and pushed to use my average sounding english.

Remember that dog that died waiting for its owner? This is the memorial area by Shibuya Station.
I'm not a big fan of melodramatic pets, nor movies about them.

The Sweets Hall at Tokyo Station. Literally, this is counter after counter of cakes and candies.
My smile was wide when I walked through this piece of sweet tooth's heaven.

By the end of the day I was exhausted. I spent an hours walking around my hotel going from one station to another, making sure that the train will get me to the right place. My long awaited Ramen dinner was eaten slow. I felt nauseated out of lack of sleep, but my excitement and hyper-awareness pushed me onward. I thought that I would sleep like a log that night, but I woke up every hour or so, afraid of missing my early morning alarm for the bus. I should've just let loose, and sleep with no reservation. When else could I sleep with a kimono on?

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