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By  johanna wattimena     11:30 PM    Labels: 
It's been a while since I did a post like this.. So, enjoy some of the music that has been playing in my night work time:

RAC - Let Go ft. Kele and MNDR
Nothing beats the simple fun beat that this music carries. Besides, the video is hauntingly cool.

NONONO - Pumpin Blood
Feeling like dancing to swedish pop?

Betty Who - You're In Love
The sound of Passion Pit with the voice of indie Katy Perry. Isn't that perfect?

This guy is unbeatable. He could really steal my heart just by the sound of his voice. His music is the honest mix of indo-easy-listening-jazz-pop incredibility, as such:

Suddenly September ft. Teza Sumendra - Chocolate High
And the list won't be complete without a heart throb. I'm a fan girl over this heart breaker. His voice is Barry White low, slurty as melted chocolate, with a sexy Drake face. I'm sorry Doug Baldwin, but you've just been beaten by an Indo.

Now I can go back to work. I'll see you in the morning, loves ;)

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