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7 months in: Oh Gawd My Curls!

By  johanna wattimena     1:18 AM    Labels:,,, 

Alright, we've survived the half point, kids! It's been 7 months since we touched down Jakarta, and as you all have read we haven't necessarily survived without a scratch. But alas, we pressed on and here we are!

Maybe you want to hear an update on life thus far.. (since I left you off with such a disheartening post a month ago) But I shall not speak of my life on this post. Rather, I shall talk about my huuurrr (read: hair).

Notice: When I talk about my hair, my inner black-diva takes over. So, be prepared, huney. #CurlsDontCare

As you know, I am a proud owner and flaunter of muh curly hair. I've never spoken about this subject before here, but those who've known me personally will attest that I take extra care of my gorgeous crown. Fluff fluff.

However, ever since moving back to Jakarta, I had to re-figure my hair. My hair is dry and often frizzy. It couldn't last me 3 days, it definitely has lost its previous definition. My guess is that Jakarta's combo of water acidity, pollution and humidity demands for a new way of treating the hair.

So, I pledge to take another journey with my hair as we traverse the scary waters of being Curly in Indonesia.

A bit about being Curly in Indonesia.. Seriously, with the majority of ladies sporting beautiful straight, black hair. Curly haired divas are being sidelined, and crushed to the demeaning point of relaxing, or bonding the hair. These ladies don't know what they're missing: trading their curly goodies, and settling for dry, flat, unnatural texture of straight hair. Dat makes me mad, fo real. And then, I'm seeing girls with kinky curls who would just bunch up their hair into a bun, and forever keeping it there. Baby, momma been there, and it ain't serving that crown justice.

I know, I know, to some straight hair is the way to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for doing something that makes you feel gorgeous in your own skin. But, if y'all have never tried to go natural, or too scared to let these attention grabbers do their work, then you're missing out! Curls are as special as they are sexy. They are God sent gift for the lazy divas out there (ya hear!).

So, I am here to tell you, that I'm setting up a new Curly Hair Blog:

Buat para cewe-cewe keriting yang ingin mencintai rambutnya, selayaknya ia harus dicintai. Gua bakal nyobain banyak produk rambut, treatments, salon atau spa di Jakarta, yang bisa ngurusin rambut keriting. Sambil gua dokumentasikan journey gua, sambil kita bisa belajar bareng soal rambut kita yang super special ini. Pastinya, tetep dengan bahasa gua yang campur aduk dan kadang-kadang bisa puitis-puitis-lebay gitu.

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