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Moments Can Really Flash Back

By  johanna wattimena     11:20 PM    Labels:, 

It's funny how certain music can takes you back to places, to moments and conversations shared over it. Khalil Fong is one of those singers that has a special spot in my memory vault.

His creamy tones and RnB tunes reeled me in instantly. I mean, by the first couple of seconds. I remember, rainy seattle, cruising through the Interstate-5 in Devi's blue A4 Audi with Julia sitting shotgun. She took out her, at the time black HTC phone (which we now curse to the bottom of the sucky phone list) and played this song.

Obviously, my RnB soul jolted awake and asked who the singer was, and why is his music so damn fine. After that, my love relationship with Khalil Fong continues, the same way it continues with Gabe Bondoc.. long after I parted ways with Julia. (I miss you TU TONG HUI!! <3 p="">
One moment that I have with this song was one special afternoon with the girls. I think it was after a Photo Shoot at Discovery Park with Tam (our fabulous model).

The shoot went for what it seems like 30 minutes, but really it was close to 4 hours. We went home after the sun sets, and drove to Taste of India, which is one of the best indian food in Seattle area. In the car, we listened to Khalil Fong and sing along with the only english phrase in the song "love sooongg.. na na na na... love songgg."

Now that I'm hearing Khalil's songs again, my brain takes me back to that rainy city where I learned to let go of my walls and let people in. To the city that pours its mellowness on me, and calms me down. To the city that I will always remember as a place where Johanna becomes more human. Thanks, khalil, for being a part of that journey.

Bedain pose model sama pose photographer..

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