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Nigel says: put a dress pants on

By  johanna wattimena     4:42 PM    Labels:, 

Pagi ini sebenernya gua berniat untuk pergi berenang sebelum memulai aktivitas di hari sabtu  (nongkrong didepan komputer, bikin script dan storyboard buat 2 proyek multimedia). Tapi, sungguh ngak ketebak kalau gua bakal bangun jam 11 siang, dan akhirnya ngak berhasil melakukan to-do list gua sampe jam 4.25pm. Big surprise.

Nge-pas banget, di TV lagi main The Devil Wears Prada, salah satu film favorit gua. In between gorgeous dresses and sharp tounged dialogues, I feel like Andy's situation is somewhat reflective of mine.

She was in this half way point between hating her work place and wanting to please her boss, when Miranda calls her in and bashed her to the point of tears. She walked out of the room, complaining to Nigel that she wants just a little bit of credit for her work. But, our lovely and sassy Nigel grounded Andy to her place and told her to wake up, dry your tears, and bust dat ass workin'. Ok.. maybe not that black, but you know what I mean.

Pas gua nonton bagian itu, gua ngerasa klo si Nigel lagi ngomong ke gua. I've been moaning and complaining about the very limited credit I get for my work, how my company has been juicing me out of everything, and how bad the pay is.. But seriously, Nigel told me to quit nagging, pour your energy to work and impress the big man.

Ah, shit. This is that time when I feel like I really have to grow up, say goodbye to korean drama binge watching, and make my work my life. That sounds bad from where I'm seeing it.. but uh.. I guess this is what adults do: they take off their toys and put on their dress pants.

Alright, no more complaints. Thanks Nigel. Now, about that make over we were gonna do... :)

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