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Getting back on the horse

By  johanna wattimena     10:25 AM    Labels:,, 

I just went through my blog feeds when I realized that most of my indonesian blogger friends are no longer blogging. For some, life happens and life needs not to be recorded in words but felt through the finger tips of their beings. This blog, however old it might be, has kept a lot of my stories regardless of its importance to me. I've changed language from english back to indonesian, then switch it up some more depending on my mood. I've wrote in celebration, in tears, in my nerdiness, and more often now, in my sudden mellowness. I've become increasingly aware of its small pool of readers, but also grew open to be as candid as I dare to be. Regardless, the blog may not have a scheduled post, but you can be sure that I will keep on writing as long as the blog is properly hosted. It'll be awesome if you can speak and read both languages I write in, but if not, you're not missing much if you google the translations.

A little exciting update..
I'm no in an emotional rut! Well, not as bad as it once before. I tried to keep my writing as upbeat as possible, but my real face can't lie (also my biological system). Good thing I don't post selfies up in here. For months leading up to june I've been struggling to keep being creative. Projects come and go, but nothing is truly inspiring. After the gigantic 3 day event at work was finally completed, my health, emotional, spiritual system collapsed. I felt the driest I've been since 2008 Seattle. Nothing could cheer me up longer than 2 hour period, nothing could pull me out of bed other than a big boulder of self-hate. But I've been changing up my routine, thanks to the girls in my office as well as the occasional spiritual re-path from a friend.

Now, I've been putting midnight bible reading back into business for 2 days now. And it has helped me see reality in a better light, lighten my burden and kept me in the brighter end of my emotional curve. Can you believe that for the year that I work in a church I've been away from God more than ever? It's sad.. but it's true. That just shows how much personal relationship to God means so much more than your ministry, or work.

I have news to tell on Sunday.. Until then, take things easy, readers.

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