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The Absence of Hope

By  johanna wattimena     11:20 AM    Labels:, 
Times like these, I was forced to think about life again. About death, depression (which is essentially the death of hope) and about the battle each of us faces everyday.

P.S.Hoffman on Life, Death, and Happiness (2012)

Phillip Seymour Hoffman is an actor I respect. He passed earlier this year, and the video above shows just how crippling fear might be. It robs us out of our peace, it robs us out of our happiness. Sometimes, I think philosophy does that to people. We were demanded to be "aware" of everything: aware of what life is, what true happiness is, what causes this or that. So much so that enjoying the present is dwarfed by our "awareness" of the things that we lack (or not completely understand, like true happiness).

Today, the world lost a man that brings hope and joy through every character he portrays. This man, I always think, has an open vulnerability look in his eyes. Maybe it's his bushy brows, or maybe the way he stares into space that makes me think he's carrying a warm sadness in his soul. I thought it was melancholy, but now I know it was more than that. Robin Williams, I loved you and your soul. It pains me to see another soul being taken away by hopelessness. May you find your eternal resting place while the rest of us here will remember you as the man who taught us to sieze the day. We will continue your essence, somehow. We will carpe diem.

Expressions of elation,
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