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New Orleans with No Wallet!

By  johanna wattimena     10:37 AM    Labels: 
I'm not big on cats, but this boy right here... He's everything.

I'm writing from a bed and breakfast in New Orleans. Brittney and Jamie, the owners of this lovely place, own 2 cats. This guy named Gordo, for some reason really likes to chill around me. On my first night he accompany me through my midnight muffuleta snack. And tonight, he sat on my lap, cutely stopped me from writing, and purred as I stroked him. Thankfully, he's no dog. If he's a dog, he would've sat there all the damn time. But being a cat, he leaped out after he has enough of human time to lick his balls to his heart's content (right in front of my face). Go cats.

My time in New Orleans has been great. I'm grateful for a lot of walks alone, bar and music time, art walk time, glorious food time.

But one that couldn't be beat is the story of how I left my wallet in Seattle. Since the story hasn't come to an end yet, I will continue this post on my way back to Indonesia. But for now, you need to know the facts:

1. Johanna placed her wallet, like a dumbo, in a bag that she left at a friend's place before leaving for the airport.
2. Upon noticing, she asked the friend to send it to new orleans
3. At New Orleans, rather than waiting on the package, Johanna decided to walk and let the mail man give it to someone at the house. Besides, she thought she had told B and she might be there to sign it for Johanna. Of course, she was at work, and there were no package waiting for Johanna at home.
4. Second day, she noticed that the package man hasn't rang the bell at the time he was supposed to. When Johanna walked down to check, there were 2 pink notes that said she've missed the mail man twice.
5. So, she walked to the post office and asked for the package, thinking that it'll be there waiting for her. Wrong. It was in another post office, and she was too late when she got to the other post office.
6. Therefore, tomorrow at 5AM, she'll be calling up the post office, hoping that she can get her wallet before going to the airport.

That's the ending we'll be waiting for, folks. Cause right at the moment, she has $1.75 left in her pocket. Just enough to get a bus to the post office at 7AM. The rest... Imma let Jesus take the wheel.

PS: Gordo came back to claim his spot half way through writing this. This sweet boy might turn me into a cat lady. Help!

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