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Women in Romance 2015

By  johanna wattimena     3:27 PM    Labels: 

There has been a game change, Ladies and Gentlemen. Romance as we know it is no longer played under the same set of rules that our parents go through.

Here's why: Women have evolved. Yes, we have.

Sorry, Gents. When our promised "knight in shinning armor" is taking his precious time to groom his ego while playing another game in the xbox, the "maiden in distress" is taking her last curtain call before a costume change into... well, her empowered self.

We've grabbed our bachelor's degrees, we've nailed our jobs and earned our salaries. We've learned to wear whatever we like, and buy whatever we need. We've been taught to say our piece and stand for what we believe. We've placed our value where it's supposed to be; right up here where our heart beats with the vigor of a lioness, and while doing all that kept our hands busy with creating our own opportunities. Gone are the days where women had to rely on men to take care of them, to feed them, and keep them alive, because women can take care of themselves.

This is the reason why courting, dating, and eventually mating is shifting into a more leveled ground.

Women no longer look to men to provide. 

We no longer asks how are you doing financially? But we ask, what are you doing financially? We want to know if you're putting your money where your mouth is, or if you're putting your money where your future is. Because if your girl know how to save, you gotta know how to put that savings into good use.

Women no longer look to men for value

We look within ourselves for that value. We've learned from battling countless daddy issues that we are masters of our own self-image. We will say that we're beautiful, and you may agree to that. We will be proud of calling ourselves amazing, and you can compliment its truthfulness.

In the same way, we want to see what you value. Do you value the same things we do? Like, family, education, the environment, health. Do we have the same world view? Do we believe in the same utopia? We want to know if we can have you as a discussion partner, as a team player. Not an arrogant baby that we have to feed sandwiches each time he cries for it.

Women no longer look to men for fulfillment

She's 30 something, successful and unmarried. What's wrong with her? Nothing. What's wrong with the men around her? They're still recovering from losing the ego battle. When an awesome catch like that comes along, men would always compare that to themselves. Usually, the contenders aren't all A-Grade.

You see, we need self-fulfilled men who paves his path in the world all. We're happy where we are, but we will be happier to support somebody whom we can be proud of. If we see that fire behind whatever you're working on and whatever it is you believe in, that will catch on to us. And best believe, that's hella sexy.

Yes, women have changed, and yes, our idea of what makes a great man has changed too. But, we still want to fall in love the way Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fall in love. The task might be daunting if men choose to blatantly remain where they are. But oh, how we daringly hope.

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